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Turu provides you with access to manage your park or property listing via an easy to use online system.
Get access to real time statistics and data to help you measure your marketing efforts.
Integrate your park booking system seamlessly through our online booking connections.

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Make your park stand out

  • Control the way your park is presented on turu.com.au via our easy
    to use online park management system.
  • Showcase local attractions, events and destination features.
  • Highlight your unique features to consumers to search for.
  • Choose which region(s) your park appears.

Log into the Turu park online system.

Track success in real time

  • Log into your park online system to get access to all your park data.
  • See real time phone calls to your park & match bookings.
  • Report on all booking activity via turu.
  • View park reviews and response directly to consumers.
  • Manage multiple properties from a single log-in.
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Keep your listing up to date

  • Upload images, video and destination content to showcase your park.
  • Manage park features as your business changes (eg Pet Friendly)
  • Provide unique content for your accommodation listings.