Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW: Destination Guide

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An awe-inspiring destination of massive gorges and breathtaking waterfalls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is the great outdoors at its absolute finest.

Read on to discover the best things to do and see in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, or find and book accommodation in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park today.

About the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

The Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is dripping in heritage, spectacular scenery, and an abundance of native wildlife. The park forms part of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, which are an ancient forest area that truly needs to be seen to be believed. The park is showroom for dramatic gorges, rushing rivers, towering rock outcrops, grassy woodlands, plummeting waterfalls, and so much more, exploring which could easily consuming days, weeks or even months of your travel plans.

Things to do in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

Naturally, Oxley Wild Rivers is a haven for bushwalkers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Explore the rugged and awe-inspiring landscape via the many walking tracks and viewing platforms, or set up camp and soak up the tranquillity and remoteness. Visitors to the area can also immerse themselves with fishing, swimming, horse riding, cycling, paddling, picnicking…the list of possible adventures in this part of the country is endless.

Attractions in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

Tia Falls

These beautiful falls are easily viewed via the short Tia Falls walk. Witness these powerful waters and breathtaking gorges, then return to the Tia Falls lookout and picnic area and enjoy a packed lunch with the roar of the waterfall in background.

Apsley Falls

The Apsley Falls are another must-see waterfall. The water cascades 65m down the rocks into a small plunge pool, surrounded on every side by sheer cliffs. A stairway exists to take you down the Apsley gorge to the falls.

Oxley Walk

Named after John Oxley, who visited the area in September 1818, the well-formed track follows the northern side of the Apsley gorge rim and leads to a stunning waterfall. The track stretches 2.7km one way and offers spectacular views from four different lookouts. The track will take you through a wealth of native flora and vegetation, and might even offer a glimpse of platypus and brush tailed rock wallabies.

Green Gully Track

The Green Gully track is an avid bushwalkers dream. Stretching along a 65km loop and requiring four days to complete, the award winning track is one of the best in NSW, and trails through the massive Apsley-Macleay gorges. Experience the rugged beauty of this region in a totally unique way.

Getting to Oxley Wild Rivers

Located on the New England Tablelands, the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is situated 445km north west of Sydney.

By car

Both the drive north from Sydney and the drive south from Brisbane to the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park will take around six hours, as the park lies almost half way between the two cities.

When to visit Oxley Wild Rivers

The waterfalls are at their most impressive during summer, while the heathlands are awash with colour in spring. Autumn offers steady temperatures where the days are not too hot and the nights not too cold, while winter brings cool and clear days perfect for half day bushwalks.

Where to stay in Oxley Wild Rivers

A number of camping grounds exist at Apsley Falls, Tia Falls, Budds Mare, Dangars Gorge and Green Gully. For more accommodation options in and around Oxley Wild Rivers, click here.