Shannon National Park, WA: Destination Guide

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Escape the city noise and unwind in the tranquil scenery of the Shannon National Park.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in and around Shannon National Park or find and book accommodation near Shannon National Park today.

About Shannon National Park

The recently fire ravaged Shannon National Park is a stunning natural wonder with some of the state’s most magnificent karri forest. Due to its inaccessibility, the Shannon was one of the last areas in Western Australia’s south-west to be touched by logging; however, with the acute timber shortage after World War II, the State government established a timber mill there in the mid-1940s. In 1988, the area became a National Park, and now provides a striking getaway for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Things to do in Shannon National Park

The Shannon National Park is a nature lover’s dream destination. Walk through stunning Karri and Jarrah forest along one of the many walking trails, attempt to catch a glimpse of the impressive birdlife, or escape dry land by canoeing down the Shannon River.

Attractions in Shannon National Park

Shannon Dam

Constructed in 1949, the Shannon Dam was the solution to the problems caused by the Shannon River drying up in summer. As water for the town and mill was drawn from this river in winter, issues obviously arose in when it became parched. Once the dam was built, the town was ensured of a water supply all year around. These days, the dam is a popular recreation spot, where visitors can partake in swimming, canoeing, kayaking and cycling.

Great Forest Trees Drive

The Great Forest Drive is a 48km 2WD accessible unsealed trail that offers some truly spectacular views of karri, jarrah and marri forest. The strictly one way track begins at the day use area and ends at the campground, and at a number of selected points along the drive you can tune in to 100FM and be treated to a guided tour. Each segment is about four minutes long and contains a range of material including stories from former pioneers and mill workers, information about tree identification and forest ecology.

Rocks Walk Trail

This 5.5km walking track is a class four trail. It begins by meandering among towering karri trees, and then as the ground gradually slopes upward, the change in soil type causes a transition from the tall karri trees of the lower slopes to huge jarrah trees typical of the woodlands at the top of the hill. Mokare’s Rock marks the highest point of the trail and this granite outcrop is protected by a wooden boardwalk. From here you can enjoy sweeping views across the forest.

Getting to Shannon National Park

Located in WA’s south west pocket, Shannon National Park is 304km from Perth.

By car

Shannon National Park is accessible via the South West Highway, halfway between Manjimup and Walpole.

Where to stay in Shannon National Park

The camping ground inn Shannon National Park is a popular option for travellers. For more accommodation options in and around Shannon National Park, click here.