Point Plomer, NSW: Destination Guide

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Discover golden beaches, lush rainforest and unbeatable camping at Point Plomer on the NSW north coast.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in Point Plomer or find and book accommodation in Point Plomer today.

About Point Plomer

Point Plomer is an idyllic and relaxing getaway within the lush Limeburners Creek National Park. Home to the family friendly Point Plomer Campground, the picturesque region offers world class surfing and exciting bush walking opportunities. However, if you’re looking to take a slower pace, Point Plomer also boasts beautiful clean beaches and scenic views, allowing for a truly relaxing getaway away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Things to do in Point Plomer

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Point Plomer, with some incredible opportunities for fishing, bird watching, fishing, swimming and whale and dolphin watching.

Attractions in Point Plomer

Point Plomer walking track

To the immediate north of the Point Plomer Campground lies a small, protected bay that is perfect for swimming, as surf conditions are generally gentle. A paved walking track leads you through a patch of forest and out on to the headlands. This little walk has to be the highlight of the trip. It’s only five minutes and a gentle grade to the point and from there you’ll get a panoramic view of the coast. This sensational view stretches from Crescent Head to the north, to Lighthouse Point in Port Macquarie to the south.

This is one of the best on-land vantage points to watch the annual migration of humpback and southern right whales as they move north from the Antarctic waters to their summer feeding grounds. It’s not uncommon to see several humpbacks offshore and pods of dolphins are also a common sight along the rocky shores. On one morning we spotted three humpbacks playfully breaching and five large pods of dolphins, all moving north.

Port Macquarie via 4WD

The 4WD-only access from Port Macquarie in the south is a national park management track that provides a fun, adventurous trip in and out of Point Plomer. Port Macquarie is a great holiday destination in its own right and is the perfect place to stock up on supplies, with plenty of shopping options available. There are several beach access points along the track and with a council-obtained permit you can drive on the beaches for ease of access to the water’s edge. The beaches along this strip of coast aren’t patrolled but are considered a Mecca for surfers and fishermen alike.

There’s nothing overly difficult to tackle on the track, just a fun little drive with plenty of ruts, sandy washouts and lots of mud if there has been recent rain. The kids loved going over the bumpy track and the ferry ride from the North Shore to Settlement Point.

Crescent Head

Crescent Head is also a great spot to explore while in the area and has a very laid back, small coastal town vibe. You can also get basic supplies here if you don’t have a 4WD to take down the southern track.

Getting to Point Plomer

Point Plomer is located on the eastern edges of the Limeburners Creek National Park.

By car

From Sydney, Point Plomer is a five and a half hour drive north east along the Pacific Highway.

By air

Port Macquarie is a 55 minute flight from Sydney. From Port Macquarie, Point Plomer is a one hour drive north.

Where to stay in Point Plomer

Point Plomer Campground is located 17km south of Crescent Head on Point Plomer Road or 16km north of Port Macquarie on the 4WD-only park management track.

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