Errinundra National Park, VIC: Destination Guide

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Isolated and largely unknown, Errinundra National Park offers completely tranquillity and breathtaking scenery without the hordes of tourists.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in Errinundra National Park or find and book accommodation near Errinundra National Park today.

About Errinundra National Park

Located in a secluded pocket of East Gippsland, the Errinundra National Park encompasses Victoria’s largest and most outstanding area of tall eucalypt forests. The park spans nearly 40,000 hectares and extends from Mt Ellery to the Errinundra Plateau, a place with strong links to both Aboriginal and European history. With its resplendent birdlife and ancient rainforests, Errinundra National Park is a beautiful place to relax, abandon the rat-race for a day or more and immerse yourself in natural wonders.

Things to do in Errinundra National Park

Satisfy your cravings for the great outdoors by exploring the many bushwalking tracks dotting the park. Uncover a magnitude of native treasure, spanning both flora and fauna, and absorb the fascinating history of the area.

Attractions in Errinundra National Park

Errinundra Saddle Rainforest Walk

While a relatively short walk at only one kilometre return, the Errinundra National Park uncovers much of the beauty of this region, as it passes under the rainforest canopy, over small streams and past fascinating ferns and fungi. The walk is an easy one that even children can manage, with most of the trail on a boardwalk to protect the environment.

William Baldwin Spencer Scenic Drive

This picturesque drive follows the same route taken by explorer and scientist William Baldwin Spencer. The trail encompasses Errinundra, Gunmark and Gap roads before turning to Bonang Highway.

Ocean View Lookout

As you may expect, the park is filled with stunning scenic lookouts, taking in this breathtaking natural landscape. One such example is the popular Ocean View Lookout, which looks out over Goolengook old growth forest. Another popular lookout is at Mt Ellery, which offers stunning views of the impressive granite tors.

Little River Falls

Jump across to the nearby Snowy River National Park, and visit the beautiful Little River Falls, a six metre high waterfall. After taking in the falls from the viewing platform, head a little further downstream to the cliff top lookout over the Little River Gorge, the deepest gorge in Victoria.

Getting to Errinundra National Park

Errinundra National Park is 490km east of Melbourne and 120km north of Orbost.

By car

The National Park is about a seven hour drive from Melbourne via the Princes Highway.

When to visit Errinundra National Park

November to March is the best time to travel with wildflowers often prolific in the early part of that period. Some alpine roads and tracks are seasonally closed from June to November. Be prepared for wet weather at all times.

Where to stay in Errinundra National Park

Errinundra National Park has two campsites with basic facilities (toilets, tables, fire places). For more accommodation option around Errinundra National Park, click here.