Beachport, SA: Destination Guide

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Natural beauty and historic splendour come together in the sleepy little coastal town of Beachport.

Read on to discover the best things to do and see in Beachport or find and book accommodation in Beachport today.

About Beachport

Located on South Australia’s famous Limestone Coast, Beachport in an historic seaside village that offers a relaxing mix of lakes, forests and ocean. There’s no shortage of beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy and admire, with these plentiful coastal regions home to an abundance of birdlife and fascinating flora. Throw in the fascinating township itself, and Beachport makes for a tranquil escape from city life.

Things to do in Beachport

Being surrounded by lakes and ocean on three sides, it should come as no surprise that Beachport is renowned for its water activities. Whether you like to fish, snorkel or dive, this charming town has you covered on all fronts. Those wishing to stay on dry land however will also be treated to a number of scenic walking trails that take in both the rugged coastline and the picturesque bay.

Beachport is dominated by some old historic stone buildings, including the Customs House, the Kangaroo Inn and the nearby museum, all shaded by massive Norfolk Island pines. Many of these are National Trust listed, and hours can be spent simply wandering through these enchanting streets and soaking up the history.

Attractions in Beachport

Beachport Jetty

Just across the road from the pub is the famous jetty, which at more than 770m long is the second-longest in the state. While it makes for a fabulous and safe fishing platform for the whole family, it also makes a great vantage point to watch the southern right whales on their annual migration along the coast.


A lighthouse was built on nearby Penguin Island in 1878 and, while it was very close to the town of Beachport, access to the island was difficult. In 1960, the light was moved to a relatively modest tower on the mainland at Cape Martin, on the western outskirts of Beachport. Today, both lighthouses have been decommissioned but the original tower still cuts an impressive figure across the roaring sea from the site of its replacement within walking distance from Beachport proper.

Whalers Point

European settlement began in the mid-1830s when a whaling station was established on the northern end of Rivoli Bay, close to where Beachport now stands. The Bonney Upwelling attracted the whales, bringing nutrient-rich water from deep offshore up to the surface through a series of vast submarine canyons. Deep-sea plankton not only sustained the whales (including the biggest animal on earth, the blue whale) but provided a solid base to support an incredibly varied ecosystem including fish, birds, seals and penguins, which fortuitously for holidaymakers, continues today.

Woakwine Cutting

Sitting 10mk north of Beachport, the Woakwine Cutting is one of Australia’s finest engineering accomplishments, achieved as it was by just two men. The cutting was created by hand to drain the swampland for pastoral use, and today a viewing platform with informative signage exists to honour this incredible feat.

Geltwood shipwreck

In 1876, the Geltwood, a three mated iron hull barque, wrecked offshore 16km south of Rivoli Bay. Today, the wrecksite is a spectacular dive, however one that is generally inaccessible due to the continual swell. Nevertheless, it is possible to see the iron hull, masts and yards lying flat and broken on the sea bed.

Bowman Scenic Drive

This stunning scenic drive follows the rugged coastline of the Southern Ocean, and offers walking tracks down to the beaches or across to the rocky outcrops at Salmon Hole and Post Office Rock.

Getting to Beachport

Beachport is located 380km south-east from Adelaide and 505km west of Melbourne.

By car

Beachport is just a 40 minute drive south east of Robe along the Southern Ports Highway.

Where to stay in Beachport

Beachport Caravan Park offers clean and comfortable accommodation between the golf course and Rivoli Bay. For more accommodation options in and around Beachport, click here.