Abercrombie River National Park, NSW: Destination Guide

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The golden hills of Abercrombie River National Park are a place every camping enthusiast will want to call home. 

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in Abercrombie River National Park, or find and book accommodation in Abercrombie River National Park today.

About Abercrombie River National Park

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Abercrombie River NP, as on first impressions it appears to be no different to any of the other national parks in the area. Journey a little deeper into the park though, and you’ll uncover secluded camping grounds, spectacular swimming spots and some of the most white-knuckle 4WD tracks in the country! It’s a great spot if you’ve got the kids in tow as well, with so much to see and do, you’re guaranteed to tire them out! Considering it’s only three hours from Sydney, don’t be surprised if Abercrombie River NP becomes a destination you return to again and again.

Things to do in Abercrombie River National Park

Abercrombie River NP is a natural playground for both kids and adults alike, so be prepared for some thrilling adventures. Fishing is extremely popular year round, and with the extensive waterways system at your disposal, you might be lucky enough to land yourself a trout. The waterways are also ideal for swimming, canoeing and potentially spotting an elusive platypus – so keep your eyes peeled around dawn and dusk!

The real action revolves around the 4WD tracks that criss-cross through the national park. Prepare to travel right into the heart of the park, through river crossings and past many historical Aboriginal sites. Make sure to put you 4WD in low range beforehand though, as a lot of the tracks get extremely steep, and mostly consist of loose gravel and rock.  


Abercrombie Caves

When visiting Abercrombie River NP, make sure not to miss the Abercrombie Caves, which are some of the most incredible limestone cave systems in the state. The main attraction is The Abercrombie Archway, which is the largest natural limestone tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere, and has a number of smaller passages that connect to it. Another cave system worth a look is the Bush Rangers Cave. It was the place the infamous Ribbon Gang hid out in when they fought it out with mounted police, settlers and an army regiment back in 1830. There’s still convict leg irons found there today!

Bird watching

Abercrombie River NP is teeming with wildlife, and it’s hard not to notice the abundance of birdlife in the national park. Over 60 species of birds actually call the park home, so plant yourself in a quiet spot one afternoon and you might even be lucky enough to spot a wedge-tail eagle.

Licking Hole

The name might sound a bit curious, but jump in your 4WD and you’ll soon discover Licking Hole is worth paying a visit. Abercrombie River NP was a popular place during the gold rush of the 1800s, and there is still plenty of evidence of that historical time scattered around the park. Reach the Licking Hole and you’ll come across an abandoned goldminer’s cottage, bush cattle yards and various relics and equipment, all remnants of the 19th century gold boom.

Getting to Abercrombie River National Park

Located in the NSW Central Tablelands region, Abercrombie River NP is just an hour north of Goulburn.

By car

Travelling west for 195km along the Great Western Highway, you can reach the entrance for Abercrombie River NP from Sydney in approximately 3 hours.

When to visit Abercrombie River National Park

We won’t lie, visit Abercrombie NP during winter and you can expect below freezing temperatures. Snow is even a possibility, with the nearby town of Oberon having experienced snowfall during the winter months before. That being said, it does get extremely warm during summer, but with inviting waterholes and shady camping sports scattered throughout the park, it becomes much more bearable. Want our tip? Spring generally offers the best conditions for camping in Abercrombie River NP.

Where to stay in Abercrombie River National Park

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