Glenlyon Dam, QLD: Destination Guide

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Cast a line and put your feet up, Glenlyon Dam is the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the great outdoors.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do at Glenlyon Dam, or find and book accommodation at Glenlyon Dam today.

About Glenlyon Dam

Built in 1976, Glenlyon Dam was created when a wall went up dividing Pike Creek. Initially created to provide water for the irrigation of local crops, the dam has since become a popular destination for fishing, watersport and camping. Rolling hills, an abundance of wildlife, and comfortable camping facilities have also all added to the appeal of the dam. With the dam reaching its highest water level in years, we can’t see the appeal of Glenlyon Dam waning any time soon.

Things to do at Glenlyon Dam

Water-based activities form the majority of things to do at Glenlyon Dam, and while there are some lovely walks to enjoy in the area, it’s safe to say the dam is where all the action takes place. Fishing is the number one drawcard for visitors, and you can find keen anglers out in boats, fishing off the jetties, or casting a line around the drowned trees on the banks of the dam.

Waterskiing, canoeing, wake boarding and sailing are also go-to activities at Glenlyon Dam, although it pays to be aware of any snags or submerged trees that can pose potential dangers.  



Murray cod, yellowbelly, eel-tailed catfish, perch - these are just some of the varieties of fish that await you at Glenlyon Dam. The fish are partly stocked up during the year, but there is still plenty of breeding going on, making it a veritable smorgasbord for avid anglers - and leaving no room for excuses if you leave empty handed! The Severn River, which is at the southern end of Sundown National Park is also a great spot for fishing, as are Mole River and Dumaresq, further proving that this area is truly a playground for anyone that loves fishing. 

Sundown National Park

Located just 14km down the road from Glenlyon Dam, the rugged and wild Sundown National Park is a hot-spot for birdwatchers. The dense vegetation and steep gorges hide a myriad of wildlife, but it's the 150 different species of birds that call the park home that make it such a special area. Keep your eyes peeled for woodland birds, herons and azure kingfishers. There are a variety of bushwalking trails in the park to suit visitors of all fitness levels, and if you're super keen, a few multi-day walks. Visitors can also swim, canoe and fish in the park, and the bush setting makes for an idyllic spot to camp. Just remember it can get very hot and humid in the area, so camping is recommended between May and September. 

Getting to Glenlyon Dam

Glenlyon Dam is located in the south-west of Queensland, close to the New South Wales border.

By car

The closest regional town to Glenlyon Dam is actually Tenterfield, NSW, which is 68km away along Bruxner Way.

If you’re travelling from Brisbane however, the 300km journey via the Bruxner Highway should take just over three hours.

When to visit Glenlyon Dam

Avid anglers will be pleased to hear the fish in the dam bite year round, so there really isn’t a bad time to visit if you’ve come to Glenlyon Dam for the fishing. And if you can handle some cold nights during winter, when the temperature drops quite, you should be able to enjoy Glenlyon Dam whatever time of the year you visit. Bear in mind that long weekends tend to get quite busy at the dam, so if it’s some peace and quiet you’re after (and you don’t want people scaring off the fish), avoid peak holiday times.

Where to stay at Glenlyon Dam

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