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What to Do in The Summer Holidays

The school holidays are coming up, so what are your kids going to be doing in their spare time? You may think they’d rather be at home this summer on a computer , tablet or their mobiles; but according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) kids love to get outside have fun , play sports & get cultural!

Yes our kids do love technology and yes they do spend on average *7.5 hours in front of the TV or watching DVD’s, but they are also likely to be doing outdoor activities like riding their bikes, scooters or skateboarding.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have also discovered that *more than half of all Aussie kids play sports including soccer , netball & swimming so when you’re looking for holiday activities this Summer - take them outdoors!

This summer take your family on an outdoor holiday for affordable, school holiday fun at one of the many adventure spots throughout Australia. Whether it’s a motel in the city for cultural events ( yes *kids on average spend an hour every week on activities like this ) or a holiday park in the great Aussie outback , there are so many choices for where to go & what to do this summer.


From swimming the inland lakes & waterfalls of Australia to the magnificent Pacific ocean with whales and dolphins, wherever you take them; take your kids outdoors this summer school holidays.

*Children’s Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, 2011-12 cat. no 4901.0) Australian Bureau of Statistics,

School Holidays Infographic