Road trip survival guide

Road Trip Survival Guide

Planning the road trip of a lifetime? From choosing the perfect four wheel drive, caravan and holiday park, to packing a basic survival guide, we’ve got you covered.


For the great Aussie road trip, the right vehicle choice is paramount. Four wheel drive vehicles offer freedom to explore our beautiful country whether it’s crossing a river or crossing the deserts.

One of the best things about four wheel drives is their cargo capacity. You can load heaps of gear inside the vehicle in the back, you can put gear on top like kayaks for example, and you can chuck in some mountain bikes as well. The more toys you have, the more fun you’re going to have on your trip.

For those who have to travel with a caravan, a four wheel drive really makes the best of both worlds with a great towing capacity. It allows you to get yourself and your caravan to a beautiful spot and then use the four wheel drive to explore even further.

When it comes to an engine in your four wheel drive, a diesel engine is the only way to go for the great Aussie road trip. A diesel engine offers fantastic power, and also offers greater fuel economy. And the last thing about diesel engines is diesel fuel is available in more remote locations in Australia, which can be pretty important if you’re keen to get right off the track.


When it comes to selecting wheels for your classic Australian road trip, if you’re not a four wheel driver or a campervanner, then odds are you are someone who loves their caravan.

One of the things that are great about caravanning is the convenience factor. You can arrive at your favourite caravan park, you can unhitch, and you can leave your caravan set up while you go off exploring the region in your own vehicle and then by the time you get back, well you’re good to go. It’s comfort plus.

No matter where you want to go in Australia, there’s a caravan to suit you, from massive fifth wheelers with living space to small to medium-sized rigs for touring couples and families. And you know what? There are even off-road rigs.

Now the beauty of caravans and campers and even four wheel drives, is that you don’t have to be locked into any set itinerary. You can go where you want, when you want. And you know something? That’s what this lifestyle is all about.


The caravans themselves are only half the picture though. What about the holiday parks? In Australia, we have holiday parks in some of the most desirable holiday locations in the world and if you’re looking for some tips, here are three of the best.

If you like the idea of small town beach holidays, Treachery Camp at Seal Rocks on the NSW north coast is a pristine, private campground of over 38 acres between Myall Lakes National Park and the sparkling waters of its very own beach.

But, if you’re more into top-end adventures, six hours west of Cairns, is the beautiful Cobbold Gorge Holiday Park, shaded in eucalypts, surrounded by incredible birdlife, with its own stunning pool to cool off in, this is the ultimate outback van site.

And rounding out your holiday park triplet, when it comes to parks surrounded by drop dead gorgeous scenery, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is the gateway to the sublimely beautiful Grampians National Park.


The whole idea behind 4 wheel driving is to get out there. It’s to be as removed as possible, but being removed brings with it its own kind of risk, so it’s best to be prepared.

Tool kit aside, perhaps your number one item of survival should be the first aid kit. When you’re planning your big journey you should always include a checklist of survival gear. Make sure your medical kit is comprehensive and has a snake bite bandage used for wrapping limbs.

Your head lamp, or torch, should always be waterproof. Having a second snatch strap is essential for any four wheel driving kit.

Never leave home without a quality knife. It’s old-fashioned, but unlike a GPS, a compass doesn’t require power. And, always take a space blanket.

In order to light a fire, you’re obviously going to want matches if not a lighter. Finally, the shovel, it’s going to get you out of all kinds of bother.