Top 5 reasons to take puzzles on your next holiday

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Packed your clothes – tick. Packed the camping gear – tick. Packed the fishing gear, snorkels and beach cricket gear – tick. The mozzie repellent and the sunscreen – tick. Packed your puzzles??

If the answer’s yes, then you’re one smart cookie. But if the answer’s no, then, check out these five top reasons why you shouldn’t leave home without them – or at least pick up one or all of the great puzzle books from Bauer along the way.

Puzzle books are portable entertainment

They’re a totally portable form of entertainment that’s just about as low-tech as you can get. All you need is a pen or pencil and your solving skills. No need for wires, batteries, aerials or other fancy equipment – you can puzzle in the car, in the caravan, by the campfire or the light of your kero lamp, on the beach, even those remote and hard-to-reach places where you can’t pick up TV or mobile reception.

With three titles – the Take 5 Pocket Puzzler, Woman’s Day Superpuzzler and Australian Women’s Weekly Bumper Puzzle Book – and puzzles to suit all ages and aptitudes, the Bauer puzzle books are a smart way to keep the whole family engaged.

Puzzle books boost your brain

Puzzles help to keep your brain active – a real plus as the years pass – and boost your memory skills.

Research has shown that keeping those little grey cells working is a major factor in enjoying life to the full, whatever your age. Some experts even believe the mental stimulation of puzzles can help to reduce the risk of dementia.

So get those synapses firing with crosswords, word searches, code-cracking clueless puzzles, sudoku, fill-ins, logic puzzles and more. Plus you can use the trivia quizzes to keep the kids – and the driver – entertained on long trips or even for breaking the ice with the new neighbours when you’ve set up your camp site!

Puzzle books help teach for your kids

Puzzles are also a great learning tool for children. Not only can they help to improve vocabulary, spelling and general knowledge, they’re also good for boosting deductive and thinking skills.

You can sit and help your child learn how to fill in the spaces on the grid, develop problem-solving abilities and get that great sense of accomplishment when a puzzle is solved. Plus they’re a great tool to promote co-operative interaction. After all, the family that plays, or puzzles, together, stays together.

Puzzle books are great value for money

You get a lot of bang for your buck. Each Pocket Puzzler and Superpuzzler has 100 puzzles and the Australian Women’s Weekly Bumper Book has a staggering 250, making them great value for money. After all where else can you get hours, days, even weeks of entertainment for just a few dollars? Plus, they’re sold nationally, so you can pick one up anywhere, city or country, bush or beach.

Where do you find these puzzle gems? At newsagents and in supermarkets nationally. There’s a new Pocket Puzzler and Superpuzzler out each month, and we’ll have five fantastic AWW Bumper Books out in 2015. Look for them when you’re out and about.

There are prizes galore!

Did we mention you can win fantastic prizes too? From TVs to books, tablet computers to homewares, beauty products and more, not only are there thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs in every one of our puzzle books, but there are also hundreds of chances to get yourself onto the winners’ list each issue, making these books the purchase that gives back.