Mildura, VIC: Destination Guide

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Experience an ever changing tapestry of sky with a visit to Victoria's border and the exciting town of Mildura.

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in Mildura or find and book accommodation in Mildura today.

About Mildura

Mildura is a small rural city renowned for its endlessly sunny skies and spectacular sunsets. Often referred to as the ‘Mediterranean of the Outback’ thanks to the warm weather, lively arts and culture scene and fine local foods and wines, Mildura is the centre of Victoria’s food bowl and supplys 80% of Victoria’s grapes and a range of citrus fruits. 

Things to do in Mildura

Take a short drive to Mildura Lock and weir 11 and see the paddleboats and houseboats cruise along the mighty Murray. The area is also a popular fishing spot. For a bird’s eye view of Mildura and its surrounds take a hot air balloon trip over the region, or head to the waterside for a cruise down the Murray River in one of the iconic paddlesteamers. The area is also renowned for its fine local produce so be sure to check out the many cellar doors and restaurants in Mildura, including the popular Mildura Brewery.

Attractions in Mildura

Murray Sunset National Park

The Murray Sunset National Park is the second largest national park in Victoria, and one of the few remaining semi-arid regions in the world where the environment is relatively untouched. The park is popular for bushwalking, fishing, and 4WD, while a night camping under these starry skies is sure to take your breath away. If you visit in summer, head to Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park named because of the unique pinkish pigment of the water. 

Woodsies Gem Shop Maze

Get lost in Woodsies Gem Shop Maze, one of the largest mazes in Australia. After finding your way through this lovely area covered in vines and flowers, head over to Aladdin's Cave or the workshop wheregems are cut and polished.

Mungo Lunette

Located on the NSW side of the Murray River, Mungo is an area created over time as sandstorms dump sand from the lake floor to the shoreline. The lunette is home to the breathtaking Walls of China, ancient dunes which reveal remains and fossils as it erodes.

Orange World

Orange World is a working 50 acre citrus property that offer informative tours around the picturesque property of avocado and citrus trees. The kids will also enjoy Orange World and the miniature train tour which travels through the citrus orchards.

Getting to Mildura

Mildura is located in the northwest corner of Victoria, roughly 400km from Adelaide.

By car

The drive from Melbourne to Mildura will take about six hours while the drive from Adelaide will require four and a half hours.

By air

Flights operate directly from both Adelaide and Melbourne to Mildura, and both take just over an hour.

When to visit Mildura

Mildura enjoys a mostly warm climate however can experience cold nights especially in the winter months. Rainfall is evenly spread across the year however is slightly heavier in the winter and spring months. However, the generally warm climate makes it a perfect holiday destination any time of the year.

Where to stay in Mildura

Mildura is a haven for great quality accommodation at affordable prices. For more accommodation options in and around MIldura, click here.

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