Matting on RV sites: The way of the future?

Matting RV Sites

WORDS: Tony Allsop

On our trip along the NSW coast, we have noticed a proliferation of matting on RV sites since our last visit two years ago.

The matting is a quality, double layered product similar to our C Gear mat, and is being laid on sites without concrete slabs, over the pre-existing gravel or grass. It is well fixed in place with tent pegs inserted to ground level, to pose no risk to toes or tyres.

The matting covers an area larger than most slabs, so it extends beyond the area under the awning. This allows tables and chairs to be moved into the sun or shade as preferred.

In the prevailing showery and windy weather, the matting provides a clean surface that dries rapidly, compared to a concrete slab, and is much kinder to feet. Matting doesn't feel as cold as concrete in winter and doesn't radiate so much stored heat in summer, though it does seem more slippery than concrete if very wet.

Some older slabs have been laid up to 15cm above the ground level and present a hazard for the walls of tyres when accessing an awkward site and for chairs if pushed backwards in a hilarious moment at happy hour. Uneven cracked slabs can result in falls and twisted ankles.

Another advantage of matting is that the layout of sites can be altered more easily over time, to comply with changing needs of the RV market.

We have developed a preference for these matting sites. What do other caravanners think?