Great Ocean Road Tourist Park Review

Great Ocean Road Tourist Park Review

Simplicity is the hallmark of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road Tourist Park.

Anyone who’s travelled the Great Ocean Road has motored along a magnificently scenic coastal drive that takes in inspirational sights like the Twelve Apostles, iconic surf breaks and cascading waterfalls. This stretch offers activities such as surfing, scuba diving and sea kayaking blended with arts, fresh local cuisine and more.

Those are some of the ingredients that make the Great Ocean Road Tourist Park so alluring among a diversity of accommodation choices.

The park is set in Victoria’s Peterborough, just 10 minutes west of Port Campbell on the Curdies River. This is a stretch of coastline that provides great views, fishing and diving, and bird, whale and penguin watching. The park has a clean, modern amenities block including disabled facilities, a children’s playground with jumping pillow, together with a spacious camp kitchen and more.

Park owner Sarah Hellessey, who co-owns and manages the park with her husband Dean, said winning the award for Victoria, “was a reinforcement of the customer service we try and offer as well as the amenities we have on offer in the park. It is a tick of approval of all the hard work we’ve put in over the years.”

While Sarah agreed the location of the park on the Great Ocean Road is important, she said the park’s popularity was growing because, “Peterborough is still a relatively untouched town” and the park claims river frontage and ocean views.

However, for her, the park’s simplicity and atmosphere is the key to its success. “We don’t have the bells and whistles that resort parks have. We just work towards having a really well presented park that’s really family-friendly.”

Sarah said she and Dean also put their onus on good customer service.

Thinking about the entire park experience at Great Ocean Road Tourist Park, Sarah reckons the park offers the sort of camping holiday many travellers remember from childhood.

“That’s what people are looking for,” she said. “They remember that sort of family holiday fondly and bring their families here for that. But with a few of the things that weren’t on offer back then – like jumping pillows and wi-fi and great camp kitchens.”

Sarah said her park fits well in Peterborough – it suits the village. That’s because the village is still a hidden gem without the hustle and bustle of some of the towns along the Great Ocean Road.