Esperance, WA: Destination Guide

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With spectacular beaches around every corner, it’s easy to find your own little slice of heaven in Esperance, WA.

Read on to discover the best things to do and see in Esperance or find and book accommodation in Esperance today.

About Esperance

Esperance, in the south of Western Australia, is an ideal destination for beachgoers and those looking for a relaxing holiday. Perched on the Great Australian Bight, here you will find crystal clear water and squeaky white sand like nowhere else in Australia.

Esperance is known as the ‘Bay of Isles’ – there are over 100 offshore islands scattered around the area, and you can view many of them when you take the Great Ocean Drive, a 38km scenic loop that goes past stunning beaches and the mysterious Pink Lake, before heading back into town.

Things to do in Esperance

The fishing around these 100 offshore islands is said to be fantastic; they’re also full of wildlife, and whales pass by on their annual migration. Woody Island is open to the public and there are various walks that allow tourists to explore its pristine beaches.

However, the first thing you should do in Esperance is find your own private beach, so take the car along the Great Ocean Drive. On the way you will see Twilight Beach, a favourite haunt for the locals. The best known feature of the beach is a rock formation just offshore with a big hole that been carved into the rock over aeons.

The drive also takes you past the wind farms at Salmon Bay and Ten Mile Lagoon. Both of these are used to power Esperance.

Attractions in Esperance

Cape Le Grand National Park

Located approximately 50km East of Esperance, Cape Le Grand is one of WA’s best known and most spectacular National Parks.

Pristine and perfect are two words that reflect the absolute beauty of Lucky Bay. Here you will find an ocean coloured all imaginable shades of blue, the whitest sand in Australia, so fine it squeaks between your toes, and the extraordinary sight of kangaroos sunbathing on the beach.

Pink Lake

Stopping off at Pink Lake to snap photos is a must. It’s actually a massive salt lake, from which salt is harvested commercially. Thanks to algae in the water, the lake changes from pink to purple and even to a brilliant blue, depending on the time of day and the prevailing levels of salinity.

Woody Island

Woody Island is a popular wilderness retreat for locals and visitors alike. Elevated safari huts are set amongst native plants and Eucalypt trees, with glimpses over beautiful Shearwater Bay. Activities that can be done on the island include jetty fishing, snorkelling and diving, swimming, bird watching and bushwalking.

Kepwari Wetland Walk

This 3.6km long, one-way interpretative trail has been designed to educate the general public and to protect the native vegetation from the threat of dieback. Two bird hides have been placed along the trail which provides the opportunity to quietly view local waterbirds. The trail consists of 1.5kms of raised timber boardwalks and takes approximately two and a half hours to walk. 

Tanker Jetty

Another must when in Esperance is a visit to Tanker Jetty. This 670m-long jetty is a great place to throw in a line, but you might have to compete with Sammy, a sea lion who frequents the area.

Weather in Esperance

Esperance has a Mediterranean-type climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. It is subject to wide variations in the weather, from hot summer days when northerly winds arrive from the interior of the state, to cold, wet winter days with southerly winds from the Southern Ocean.

January and February maximum temperatures average 26°C.

Winter daytime maximum temperatures average 17-18°C although it may be somewhat colder when strong southerly winds follow a cold front.

Getting to Esperance

Located on Western Australia's southern coast, Esperance is 720km from Perth.

By Air

Virgin Australia Airlines operate daily flights from Perth to Esperance. Contact the Virgin Airlines Call Centre on 13 67 89, Harvey World Travel 9071 4111, Jetset Travel 9071 2002 or Esperance Flight Centre 9072 0877. The Airport is located 26km north of Esperance on the Coolgardie - Esperance highway. You can organise car hire through Budget, Avis, Jetz Rentals or Hollywood Car Hire, or use the Esperance Taxi Service (phone (08) 9071 1782).

By Coach

TransWA offer extensive service that run from East Perth terminal to Esperance. For bookings and inquiries phone the Esperance Visitors Centre on 9083 1555.

By Road

From Perth, visitors have many options to take while travelling to Esperance, depending on what you want to see along the way. Whether it is the Tin Horse Highway, Golden Pipeline, the Stirling Range and Fitzgerald River National Park or the giant ram in Wagin. For more details on how you can get to Esperance contact the Esperance Visitor Centre on 08 9083 1555.


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