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Overflowing in regional food, wine and music festivals - Tamworth and Liverpool Plains.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Tamworth and Liverpool Plains region – sure, you might know about the world-famous Country Music Festival and the breathtaking national parks – but visit the area and you’ll soon discover there is so much more on offer…

The emergence of Tamworth and Liverpool Plains as a genuine food and wine destination may also come as a surprise, but not to the locals! They’ve been enjoying the fresh organic produce, boutique vineyards and impressive gourmet restaurants for a while now, so make sure you bring your appetite when you visit.

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie though? You'll be thrilled to learn that the Tamworth/Liverpool Plains area is a veritable adventure hot spot! Paragliding, sky sailing and hang gliding are all on the menu, and when you can swoop, dive and soar through the lush, rolling countryside, why would you want to do it anywhere else?

Add in townships that are fast gaining reputations as first-class art, theatre and craft centres, and the Tamworth and Liverpool Plains region truly caters for every type of holiday-maker.

So whether it’s an impromptu weekend away or family holiday, look no further than Tamworth and Liverpool Plains – we guarantee it will offer you a taste of this country like you’ve never experienced before.

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Tamworth might be synonymous with golden guitars and cowboy boots, but take the chance to visit this regional hub and you’ll uncover a town full of surprises.



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Liverpool Plains

It doesn’t get much better than Liverpool Plains - a region of agricultural wealth, ecological diversity and welcoming communities - and the perfect destination for your next holiday.

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