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Explore the vast, open plains of the Outback and discover sacred national parks and vibrant communities.  

It’s not hard to get swept up in the magic of the Outback. For a country that is lucky enough to play host to countless natural wonders, ask anyone what is truly iconic about Australia and you can almost guarantee they’ll say the Outback.

The Outback often conjures up images of endless, scorched plains and remote townships, but there is so much more to see and discover then that.

Welcoming, vibrant communities with surprisingly lively arts, culture and foodie scenes are putting themselves firmly on the map as more than just stopover towns, and are filled with unique characters, all of whom have a quintessentially Australian story to share. The land, so much more than red earth, is a spectacular smorgasbord of colours and textures, ranging from rocky outcrops to lush, eden-like oases in the middle of the desert. There is also an innate sacredness to the Outback, and a sense of spirituality that comes with being the home of many ancient peoples and cultures.

There is really no place on earth like the Outback, and it is clear why visiting is on the bucket list of travellers and thrill-seekers worldwide. So why not hit the road and see the Outback for yourself – who knows what you’ll discover!

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With an extensive history that stretches far beyond the arrival of its early European settlers, Balranald is the perfect location to unearth some of Australia’s Outback secrets.

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With an abundance of natural Outback beauty, and a colourful history filled with pastoral triumphs, bold explorers and legends of the Dreamtime, the lure of Bourke is too good to resist.


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Once a remote mining hub, Cobar has blossomed into a busy, prosperous township that has well and truly earned its ‘jewel of the Outback’ moniker. 

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There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Hay; an unassuming Riverina town, whose vast open grasslands and off-the-beaten-track location are home to a vibrant, cultured community.


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Walgett Shire

Synonymous with opals and mining, it could be said that the Walgett Shire is the gem in the Outback NSW crown, a place where the opals found under the ground are as breathtaking as the sunsets in the sky above. 

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Relax and unwind on the banks of the Darling River at Warrawong - a tranquil outback sanctuary.

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Royal Flying Doctors

The Royal Flying Doctor Service’s Broken Hill Base is an integral cog in a well-oiled network that provides 24-hour aeromedical emergency services.

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