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New England High Country offers visitors the chance to explore untouched and pristine landscapes.

Spectacular waterfalls, world-heritage national parks, cool-climate vineyards, and a fascinating and diverse history. We could only be describing the incredible New England High Country region.

Stretching from Walcha in the south, to the northernmost town of Tenterfield, the beauty of the New England High Country is that no two towns are the same. Hit up some cracking fishing spots in Guyra, indulge in some of the best local produce in Uralla, or wander the cosmopolitan streets of Armidale – there is a unique adventure to be found in every corner of the New England High Country.

Each town also hosts their fair share of exciting events throughout the year, from festivals, music shows and theatre through to markets, book fairs, major sport events and everything in between.

If it’s stunning natural scenery you’re after however, it’s hard to beat the New England High Country on pure, untouched beauty. With over 500km of wild rivers, vast gorges, panoramic views, and rocky outcrops, these magnificent landscapes are unlike anywhere else in the country. There’s even a main road dedicated to guiding travellers to the best waterfalls in each national park – Waterfall Way.

Don’t forget that there are endless food and drink options to be discovered, with the New England High Country home to wineries, breweries, farms, and orchards, all delivering the highest quality produce to the endless cafes, restaurants and bars. So there’s no chance of going hungry or thirsty during your travels!

But don't just listen to us! Join Bronwyn on a journey as she takes us to a few of her favourite spots in the New England High Country. 

Things get a bit more adventurous when Peter takes charge of the itinerary - watch below and discover more about the exciting activities you can enjoy while visiting the New England High Country.

The New England High Country offers a bounty of treasures to any curious visitor, and they’re just waiting to be discovered.

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Welcome to the capital of New England, a sophisticated hub that has lost none of its country charm.

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Glen Innes

Forget the Scottish Highlands, get your very own taste of Celtic traditions in Glen Innes.


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This high-flying town at the top of the Great Dividing Range will have you feeling on top of the world when you visit! 

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Having lost none of its Federation-era charm, it won’t take much for the vibrant town of Tenterfield to completely win you over.


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Bushrangers have made way for breweries in Uralla, but the quintessential Aussie charm this town exudes isn’t going anywhere.

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Welcome to Walcha, an arts and culture hub located right in the core of wild and remote gorge country.


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