The Bungle Bungle Ranges, WA: Destination Guide

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Want a taste of the Australian outback? Then check out our guide to the Bungle Bungle Ranges in The Kimberley, WA. Here you'll find everything you need to know to plan your adventure, including travel details. If you're ready to confirm your stay, simply find and book accommodation in Kimberley, WA.

What are the Bungle Bungle Ranges?

350 million years in the making, the Bungle Bungle Ranges were once the sediment of an old riverbed, which compacted over time and formed mountain ranges. Due to nature's forces the prehistoric landscape continues to change and take shape, although few people knew of their existence until the 1980s. The orange, brown and black structures were stumbled upon by a film crew in 1983, but have been used by the Kija Aboriginal people of the region for more than 20,000 years.


Where are the Bungle Bungle ranges?

The Bungle Bungle Ranges are situated in the Purnululu National Park in the popular Kimberley region of Western Australia. The park has earned a place on the National and World Heritage list and covers almost 240,000 hectares.

How to experience the Bungle Bungle Ranges

The best way to see the Bungle Bungle Ranges is by air. You can take a flight from Kununurra or Broome or once inside the Purnululu National Park itself book your place on an open-door helicopter ride. To experience a taste of the outback, stay the night in the park and hike or take a four wheel drive safari to the Bungle Bungle ranges and other local highlights including Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm.

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