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Big Game Fishing [Infographic]

A giant of the sea and a fighter on the line, the Black Marlin is considered by anglers as the pinnacle of deep sea fishing. Over the past decade, extreme fishing has increased in popularity, due partly to reality TV shows which focus on landing the monster catch.

Fortunately, the growing popularity of big game fishing has not had a severe impact on marlin stocks. Recreational anglers understand the importance of conservation, releasing nearly all of the marlin and sailfish they catch. Requiring a balanced combination of patience, strategy and power, it is simply the challenge of marlin fishing which extreme fishermen chase.

There are few places in the world better for marlin fishing than off the east coast of Australia. Marlin tend to dine on reef dwelling fish, which makes the Great Barrier Reef a popular feeding ground. In fact, there are more Black Marlin caught on the Great Barrier Reef than anywhere else in the world.


Big Game Fishing Infographic

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