11 Reasons to Take a Cycling Holiday

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When two wheels are better than four, it’s time for a cycling holiday.

WORDS Emma Ryan

1. Get off the beaten track

A cycling trip allows you to venture places no car can go. You can squeeze down tight bush tracks, along skinny paths and narrow back alleys, and that means double the adventure.

2. The feeling of freedom

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There’s nothing quite like having the wind on your face and travelling to your own schedule.

3. Stop and smell the roses

The pace of cycling means you’re more connected to the places you’re travelling and the people you pass. You can stop and smell the proverbial roses any old time you like!

4. Adrenalin

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Better than any drug, adrenalin will be pumping through your body as you fly down open roads or challenging mountain tracks.

5.Good for your health

Most people put on weight when they go on holiday, but you can rest assured you’ll be losing it on a cycling holiday!

6. Good for the environment

What carbon footprint? The environment thanks you.

7. Closer to nature

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When you’re travelling without a metal shell you can hear the crunch of the leaves under your tires, smell the wattle as you pass and hear the cry of a pair of black cockatoos overhead.

8. Meet like-minded people

You’re bound to strike up a conversation with fellow cyclists and share tips and stories. After all, people in Lycra have got to stick together.

9. Cheaper than a regular holiday

Spend more time and less money on a cycling holiday.

10. Cycling routes offer the best scenery

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Cycling tracks needn’t stick to rules of engineering the way roads do, which means more spectacular scenery.

11. Sense of achievement

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long day’s cycling. You’ve well and truly earned the happy hour!